Shiatsu for Chronic Pain, Exeter, Devon

I have a lot of clients who come for Shiatsu because they are living with constant pain, often high levels of constant pain.

In my experience Shiatsu can help lower the levels of pain, increase mobility and relieve tension due to the body compensating for injuries. It can also help with the mental strain of dealing with chronic pain.

Often dealing with pain can leave a client feeling alone and isolated. It is a constant mental battle and difficult to explain to others at times.

Shiatsu is an enjoyable therapy to experience. It is very supportive and nurturing. It is relaxing but at the same time it can raise energy levels. It can help with self motivation and personal drive. All of this can support a client managing pain.

This time of year really shows up the weak areas of our bodies. If you are already dealing with high levels of pain it can become unmanageable over the winter. If this is your situation maybe you want to try Shiatsu…..


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