Shiatsu with me

Maybe you’ve had Shiatsu before and are looking for a practitioner in the Exeter area.

Every practitioner is different. I can say that I am a supportive, open and honest therapist. I provide a safe environment for clients to express whatever they need to.

My Shiatsu can be vigorous when appropriate and I love getting into tension in the shoulders and neck. I often get clients saying they have enjoyed a good stretch or that they feel taller or straighter than when they arrived.

I am able to adapt to everyone and anyone, I can offer Shiatsu on a couch or in a chair if needs be. I have had great results with a particular client who is only able to lie on a couch. I also work on children or pregnant women.

I really enjoy the quiet work that Shiatsu involves, the strong connection, the nurturing and caring ability of this therapy.

I have worked with a lot of people looking to make changes in their lives. I have had a number of clients with Arthritis or joint issues. I have supported clients with back or pelvic issues. I have also helped support people with chronic pain. I have also supported people with anxiety, depression and stress.

I work in a warm and inviting wooden cabin in our garden in Exwick, Exeter. It helps create a relaxing environment.

I’m always happy to discuss Shiatsu so do get in touch if you would like to talk before coming to have a session.

Thanks for reading and maybe see you soon.


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