Shiatsu for the Soul, Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu is a physical form of therapy. However it can help people understand and explore their feelings, look at their spiritual selves and question the core beliefs they hold about themselves.

The story of our life is written in our bodies, any experiences are held in physical form. Emotional and mental stresses and tensions manifest into physical strains and pains.

We can often be aware of tension based on work or lifestyle; tight shoulders from computer work, sore lower back from lifting, tight thighs from cycling.

The story our body tells is often a lot more complex; childhood pains held in the pelvis, relationship difficulties holding our diaphragm tight, work stress causing tension in our rib cage; spiritual distress creating head pain.

We may not be aware of what our bodies are holding but maybe aware of the emotional and mental issues we have. Maybe we have even been to a talking therapy to work those issues through. The body may well be still holding the distress.

Shiatsu starts the healing process from the body. The tensions and stresses in the body present themselves as the treatment takes place. Emotions, mental or spiritual attachments to the physical can be felt, thanks to being held by a safe and secure physical touch.

As the physical tension releases, the mental or emotional stress can also be relieved. The relief may result in a number of ways; lightness of thought, peace of mind, an understanding of how the client relates to their stress, a realisation of the self beliefs held around the pain.

Shiatsu helps tension and stress release in a healthy and positive way. It can result in; a fluidity of thoughts and emotions; things just working more easily; options being possible; a clear way to go forward; a calmness of the soul.

Shiatsu looks to balance the energy in the body, when the energy is balanced there is a warmth in the body, mind and soul. At this time of year particularly this can be so good on so many levels.


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