Strength In Our Weakness, Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon

Have you been feeling vulnerable this week? Have you felt a letting go of old hurts? Have you felt an almost painful opening in your heart?  Well good news you are not alone.

This week has seemed very raw, for me and my clients.  As the week has progressed I have realised that feeling open and vulnerable is actually a very positive place to be. It is a true and genuine place, rather than creating and relying on a self-fabricated facade.

It can be uncomfortable to feel, to embody our emotional pain and hurt.  This week has helped me understand that there is a power in being able to sit in the area where we feel most uncomfortable, in our most vulnerable area, to open our hearts to our discomfort, even if only for a moment.

A beautiful, genuine, kindness can come from our deepest sadness.  This week has helped me and my clients understand that feeling our grief, our saddest times turns out to be a gift.  The gift of truly, deeply, feeling, of some release of old pains, and of a open-heartedness that we can show and love others with.  It is really being where you are and how you feel, not trying to hide or pretend that you feel okay, that all is well.

Shiatsu comes at any issue from the body first, the mind and emotions then follow.  This week has shown how dynamic and freeing a Shiatsu treatment can be.  There has been tears and emotional distress but there has always been a sense of relief and release, a sense of understanding and an idea of how to move forwards.

If you are feeling vulnerable, or open, or edgy, then take a moment to feel the root cause, where in your body does the feeling stem from. Breathe into that area and understand that is okay to feel how you feel, it is alright to feel vunerable, it is fine to feel your weakness. It is absolutely right to feel exactly how you feel.

Stay in the area for the time you feel comfortable being there, a fleeting moment, a few minutes, a long meditation. Gentle open your heart and be kind to yourself, let a little light burn from within. Then quietly take that kindness and light out to all those you meet. There is joy where there is pain.  There is infinite strength in our weakness.

Heart felt love to all.




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