Shiatsu for Emotions, Exeter, Devon

Shiatsu is a physical form of therapy, when appropriate very physical. It actually works on many different levels, making it an unique and special form of therapy.

In my experience, generally, a physical issue or complaint has an emotional element attached to it.  Shiatsu works on both the physical aspects of the issue but also supports the emotional connection.  It maybe that the client is holding a lot of grief or stress or upset and this becomes held in the body.  It maybe that there is something in the client’s history that caused a level of emotional pain, this also becomes stored in the body. fb_img_15348650806411761706291.jpg

Tension and stress in the body will only fully release if the emotional side of it is also worked on. Shiatsu does this in a gentle and non-intrusive way, giving the body and mind space to release tightness or upset.  It can be quiet a relief, a realisation of the feeling and a letting go of holding it.

shiatsu 28.01.2017 008

I am still impressed and amazed at some of the results that Shiatsu generates. Clients often express how they feel lighter and looser in their bodies but also in their minds. They express that they have felt held and treated in a special and kind way which has allowed concerns to melt away.  They have mentioned that they feel normal again, they don’t have to work at things like they had been, their body works like it used to.


I have regular treatments and use Shiatsu on myself to support my own flow of energy, it seems to do it in a way nothing else does. I love Reflexology, Cranial Osteopathy and Zero Balancing, all of which feel similar to Shiatsu to me.  However Shiatsu seems more powerful in some way, without being intrusive it seems to facilitate big shifts, releasing and relieving stress, tension and emotional holding.


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