Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon

After a great week camping I am recharged & back ready to give Shiatsu this week. I have spaces on Monday & Wednesday in Exwick, Exeter.

I am around this week & then we are off again! It’s always a bit like this in the school holidays, being the only times we can all have time off together.

I am then back offering Shiatsu in Exeter from the week beginning 22nd August & have a clinic in Exmouth on August 31st.

I am in Dawlish in September, just sorting dates. I have an event at the beginning of September & a clinic I. Exmouth too.

So if you need some rest & relaxation, some stretching & loosening, a bit of an energy boost this week then get in touch to book. Alternatively you could book for the end of August, so you know there is something to look forward to.


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