Shiatsu for Work Stress, Exeter, Devon

I have noticed a marked increase in clients coming for Shiatsu due to stress related to their work.

I was interested in reading this article about a women who ended up with severe health issues due to the demands of her job.

It seems that the society we live in tends to put excessive expectations of job commitment & little expectation o rest & relaxation. It isn’t surprising that people struggle at times, that they experience burn-out & the need some rest, relaxation & TLC.

I offer deeply relaxing & supportive Shiatsu massage in Exeter, & also Dawlish & Exmouth. Shiatsu is a gentle but powerful form of therapy that can help a client manage stress, anxiety & depression. It can also provide higher levels of energy & healthy sleep patterns.

Shiatsu is suitable for all & is always given through clothes. It originates from Japan & is generally given on a futon mattress on the floor. It can be given on a couch or massage chair.


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