Shiatsu Massage for Chronic Pain relief – Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

If you are suffering from chronic pain then you may like to try Shiatsu, to see if it can help.  Shiatsu is a gentle form of therapy, a little like massage, although always given through clothes.  It is general given on a futon mat on the floor but can be given on a couch or in a chair.

The touch of Shiatsu is unique, it provides a supportive & safe environment, that allows space for the client to relax. The feeling should be that you are in ‘safe hands’ & generally a Shiatsu will find all the ‘that’s the spot,’ spots.

Chronic pain seems to be as much a mental strain as a physical one, from what clients have said to me. Supportive Shiatsu massage can help relieve some of the mental strain, a sense of not trying to cop on your own. There is something that can lighten the load.

Alongside the supportive aspect of a Shiatsu a number of clients have experienced a drop in pain levels, after just one treatment sometimes.  They have also felt the pain is more manageable.

When clients talk to me about the levels of pain they are in I am always so surprised but highly impressed that they are able to continue with their day to day lives. Living with pain is a very tough life & it is great that Shiatsu can provide some support & relief at times.

I am always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page if you have any questions.


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