Shiatsu over Easter

Life seems super busy at the moment, the Spring energy has kicked it & this means lots of ideas & plans being thought up.  Everyone seems to be making the most of the warmer weather, it suddenly seems easy to achieve things. Easter is generally a busy time, fitting in family visits, school holidays, day to day chores & work.

I am working the week after Easter – in Exeter on Wednesday 4th & in Dawlish on Friday 6th.  I have one space left in Dawlish at 11.10am.  The evening slots have been taken on Wednesday in Exeter but I have some spaces in the daytime still available.

The following week I am off with the kiddies to spend some quality grand parenting time.  Hoping the grand parenting time means they have the boys whilst I have some time to myself.

It is hard in our busy lives to find space for ourselves but it is so important that we do.  When we are re-charged we have more energy to care & support for those around us. Shiatsu is a great way to get serious space, quiet, stillness & relaxation.

As Shiatsu is a supportive form of therapy, in a short space of time, it can release & relieve the tension & stress that we carry around with us. It can also help with energy levels & aid healthy sleep.  Setting you up nicely to be able to manage Easter & whatever comes with it!

Have a good one whatever you are planning.


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