Shiatsu on Sunday, Exeter, Devon

This Sunday I will be giving Shiatsu massage tasters at the East Devon Mind, Body, Spirit Network Fair, in Broadclyst, near Exeter.

I love giving Shiatsu tasters, they are a great way to get a feel of what a Shiatsu involves.

The Shiatsu tasters will be given on a massage chair, rather than on a futon mat on the floor, which is generally how Shiatsu is given.

The tasters are affordable at just £10 but are plenty long enough to get a good idea of what a Shiatsu is & what I am like, as a therapist.

Even a short Shiatsu can have a positive effect, helping with energy levels, relaxation & aiding sleep.

Previously people have come to me for chronic pain, sciatica, work-stress, joint pain, emotional upheaval & depression.

There is time, within a taster, to discuss how Shiatsu maybe able to help support any complaints you have.

Details of the event can be found here

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