Happy weekend, Shiatsu & family – Exeter & Dawlish Devon

Yes we’ve made it to Friday. It’s felt like a long week personally so glad to have that Friday feeling now!

I still have work tomorrow but giving Shiatsu massage in the wooden cabin in the garden doesn’t feel like work. I don’t offer Shiatsu every Saturday but when I can I do. It feels special to give a treatment to someone at the end of their working week.

After work it’s serious family time, I miss my big boy, as he is at school all week. I love reconnecting with my husband at the weekend, we seem to hardly see each other in the week.

So bike rides will definitely be taking place, the boys favourite activity at present. Then my dad is visiting & that’s always fun – he is fondly called Grandad Canoe, yes he has a number of canoes!

If you work all week & would like to book a Shiatsu on a Saturday do get in touch. I also have late afternoon appointments on Wednesdays & some Mondays.

I hope you have a great weekend & enjoy whatever you do.


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