Shiatsu for self care – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

When you are caring for others or have a caring profession it is hard to find the time to care for yourself. However it is vitally important to care for one self, to have space, to rest & recuperate, to have some support from someone else.

Shiatsu is such a supportive treatment. Within a treatment you can experience deep rest & relaxation. It also encourages deep sleep so the benefit can be felt for some time afterwards. 

The Shiatsu touch creates a strong connection that allows the client to just be, no expectations, no demands. Human touch can give a sense of relief & release tension, stress & strains.

I offer Shiatsu in Exeter & Dawlish & can do home visits, with some discussion over price. I offer a quietly held space where it is safe to express & release emotions or just rest & be quiet. 

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