Autumn & Shiatsu, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

Summer seemed to end early & suddenly this year but it feels like Autumn has just arrived in full flow. The leaves are beautiful & scattered on the ground, the apples nestled amongst them, the sun is showing its face, creating a glow across the landscape.  This is Earth energy in full flow.  

Shiatsu uses Traditional Chinese Medicine & the 5 Elements as part of the diagnosis process. Within the 5 Elements the Earth element relates to this time of year. It is an element of abundance, of eating sweetly & well. It relates to study & learning of new things.  It also realtes to how we see ourselves, our self-image & confidence. 

This is a time of year when we should be eating the naturally sweet things that are in season, pumpkins, squash, apples. If this element is out of balance there may be a craving for sweet things. It is good to eat these natural sweet fruit & vegetables rather than going for the full on sugar rush. 

Also if you feel fuzzy headed, if you struggle to contain information, or to have clarity of thought this is a also a sign that this element maybe out of balance. Taking time out to rest & recouperate can help. Some pamper time or some ‘me’ time is probably needed. Definitely stay off the foods & drinks that contain stimulants, sugar, caffeine, alcohol. 

Often the example of an imbalance in this Element is when someone cares for others, either as their job or in their home life, or both. They find they have little or no time to themselves & struggle to know how to care for themselves in the small amount of time they do have.  This is a point when you may have to say you can’t do it on your own & you need some help. Have a supportive, relaxing & energising Shiatsu massage,  or any massage, any hands-on therapy, just get someone to look after you for a moment or two. 

This time of year what should we be doing?

  • Stocking up ready for the Winter – warming sweet soups & baked sweet vegetable & fruit
  • Taking some time for ‘me’
  • Starting a new study or interest – or-
  • Taking some time away from the books if our heads are fuzzy
  • Snuggle up with a good book, a pair of slippers & a cuddly throw, shut the world out for a bit & enjoy peace & quiet


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