Shiatsu at the St Thomas Community Festival, Exeter, 2015

St Thom 2015.2 St Thom 2015.3 St Thom 2015.4 St Thom 2015.5 St Thom 2015.6 St Thom 2015 St Thomas 2015.5

This weekend Sylvie & myself were giving Shiatsu at the 3rd St Thomas Festival.  The weather was in our side & the sun shone into the gazebo & the people receiving Shiatsu.  It was really lovely giving Shiatsu to old friends, people who had been at the festival two years ago & people new to Shiatsu.  After a slow start we were both kept busy & we had a really enjoyable day. I even managed to get some photos taken for us whilst the sun was out & we were both working!

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