Rain starts the year

So the first day of 2017 has successfully reflected my mood – keeping up with two young boys, having just had a 3 month spell without my husband around,& then hosting Christmas for my husband’s whole family I have reached a place where my body has said enough is enough. Moving feels like an enormous effort & I have been sleeping in the day, which is unheard of.  I am starting to regain my energy, having given in to my body’s request to rest, but I didn’t get it back in time to see the new year in & make many resolutions. I got as far as go to sleep early when at all possible & my energy was spent! 

Mid winter is a time when we really need to listen to our body’s calling us to stop & be, if we don’t rest now & recoup there is no back up for when the spring energy starts to rise. It is lovely to have the solstice/ Christmas celebration to bring warmth & light to the dark winter days but it is easy to over do it & then with a new year celebration on top it can deplete the body’s resources so easily.

So it’s raining on the first day of the year & actually I am quite pleased! It feels like it has gifted me an extra day of rest & a cosy indoor day, an extra chance to recoup. I have had a little time & energy to make some resolutions & catch up with it bejng a new year & the feeling of new starts that offers!

I have rested but I have also exercised, quietly & gentle, to generate some energy in my body. I have booked a course of Shiatsu treatments to support my own resolves & goals & I have spent time with my family. So no big, wild celebration  last night but a quiet , cosy one today as the rain came down outside.

If you feel the Shiatsu may help to support you then please contact me.  Details are on the contact me page. All the best for a happy & restful start to 2017 

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