Springy wood times

The last few days have really felt like the seasons are changing & we are swiftly moving into spring.  The element for spring, within the 5 element diagnosis system, is the wood, or tree element.  The winter has been cold & dark & ideally we have rested & been quiet, building & storing our energy ready for the change of pace & focus that Spring brings.

Along with the bulbs pushing through & the first shoots on the trees this is a time where ideas & projects can begin, start to bud & grow.  There needs to be enough stored energy within to allow this new growth, there can be a tendency to really drive & push at this time of year, if the energy is not there then there is a possibility of burn out.  Similarly it is important to remember that summer is the time for full blossom & that spring is the time to begin to grow & expand but not to expect too much, it’s about ground work for now.

Wood or tree energy, when in balance, is fluid & flexible, like a tree moving gently in the breeze.  It can become stagnant, stuck in the mud, then the flexibility goes, like an old tree cracking & breaking in the wind. Anger & frustration can come into play within the wood element, inflexible & inappropriate outbursts of anger or frustration can show a lack of flow within this element. It can be important to use ones creativity to help the flow start, follow dreams & ideas.  Physical activity can be important, stretching, dancing, play. Headaches & tired eyes can be a sign of an in balance in this area, along with tension in neck, shoulders & rib cage. 

Shiatsu can help with both the physical aspects, helping to alleviate issues & rebalance the body, allowing a fluidity of energy around the whole body, & also can help with the emotional tensions.  A fluidity of mind, like a flexible tree, allows more appropriate emotional reactions, less outbursts of anger, but also can allow movement from a feeling of being ‘stuck in a rut.’

If you recognise any of these symptoms in your self or would like to discuss shiatsu further please feel free to contact me – see my contact me page for info.

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