Information about Shiatsu

I promised information about Shiatsu & about myself & I have now added some on the ‘about’ page. I am always happy to discuss Shiatsu & talk about offers at both my Exwick & central Exeter practises.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  You can call or use the enquiry form.

If you are new to Shiatsu have a look at the video I posted recently.  Although she is not a Shiatsu practitioner I know personally, & she is not in the Exeter area she has produced a brilliant video of a Shiatsu treatment.  It is only a couple of minutes long so doesn’t take up too much time!

Also I posted some photos a while back, of me practicing in my room in Exwick, on the outskirts of Exeter.  These also give an idea of what is involved in a treatment.  It also gives a sneaky view of the room I practice Shiatsu.

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