Shiatsu & balance

Right now I am sat in a darkened room, whilst my young son sleeps.  He is ill, with some cold, cough, high temperature combo & has a level of distress when he wakes. So here I am waiting incase he needs comfort. This is, at least, giving me some time to be still & think. 

Like most people I seem to be constantly on the go, rushing around trying to complete a list of ‘highly important’ tasks. Don’t tell anyone but actually this enforced stillness is quite enjoyable. A moment out of routine & some stillness. Obvious I I have filled some of the time writing a blog! 

This time has helped me remember to stop when possible, to rest & to enjoy quiet. It’ll be over too soon anyhow. Children make a sudden recovery often, leaving you to catch up as they get up to full speed in a matter of minutes it seems.

Balance is so important, rest gives us the energy to be active. Busy lives should allow us to enjoy & make the  most of rest. Shiatsu massage can help our bodies succumb to deep rest & also energize us for our daily lives. If you are interested in finding out more then get in touch through the contact me page. I am always happy to discuss Shiatsu. 

Money off March – Shiatsu, Exeter, Devon

Just a reminder that I have a Shiatsu special offer on this month. I now work on Tuesday afternoons, as well as my regular Wednesday afternoons & evenings & Saturday mornings. To celebrate I am offering 10% off any Shiatsu massage booked on a Tuesday afternoon, in March.

Shiatsu massage is suitable for all, it is tailored to the person so can feel like its really ‘hitting the spot.’ I have had clients come for a whole variety of reasons, physical discomfort or pain, emotional distress or personal issues, mental support & pre-natal support. Shiatsu can be effective at relieving many different symptoms. I am always happy to talk Shiatsu so do get in touch to discuss, through the contact me page.

Shiatsu massage is relaxing but also invigorating. I work in a quiet & calm practice room in Exwick, Exeter, Devon. It is is really easy to get to, by car, bus or train. If nothing else Shiatsu massage is some time out, some ‘me time’ & a chance to just be. If you are free on a Tuesday afternoon then may be its time to try it out with this offer? 

Spring, Shiatsu & some sun!

March 1st yesterday is supposedly the first day of Spring –  the weather wasn’t having it – it was cold, damp & miserable. Today the weather was playing ball, it was sunny & warmer & felt very Spring like. We managed to make it to the allotment even, & planted some potatoes.

It’s so lovely to have some warmth in the air. The seasons feel like they are really starting to change & this is such a special time of the year. A time where we come out of Winter & into Spring.

Spring, within 5 elements, one diagnosis tool of Shiatsu massage, says that Spring is a time for planting ideas, for planning & scheming. It is not time to act or to expect fruition of our ideas. It is in the Summer that our ideas will begin to realize.

If we have had enough rest in the Winter Spring is a time of fluidity & flow, like a tree moving gently in the wind. The opposite is a feeling of being stuck in the rut, or a sense of tightness, frustration & anger.

Shiatsu massage is helpful, it can help give a sense of flow back to the body & mind. It can give a good sense of rest & can can help release anger or frustration. If you would like to discuss if Shiatsu massage could help support you then please get in touch, through the ‘contact me’ page.

So the weather was lovely today but another wet & cold weather front is due over night, so not quite Spring yet & still time to rest!


March Shiatsu offer

Wow March already! Time flies right? This month I am starting to work on Tuesday afternoons as well as my usual days. To celebrate this I am offering 10% off in March if you book on a Tuesday afternoon. You can contact me through the ‘contact me’ page or ring on 07791 070837. I am a ways happy to talk Shiatsu massage. I work in Exwick, Exeter, Devon. My practice room is lovely & quiet, it’s peaceful & cosy.