Shiatsu Holidays, Exeter, Devon

Woohoo holidays are here – seems like a long time coming but today the kids broke up from school & my husband & I finished work for a week’s holiday.

We are heading off camping, to a beautiful spot, with no mobile reception & no electricity. We love it, times slows down & life is pretty care-free.

So no Shiatsu for a week but I’m back week beginning Monday 30th, I have spaces on the Monday & the Wednesday that week.

We then have another holiday, I know super greedy! We are taking our boys on a plane for the first time & really excited.

After that I am properly back with events in early September & clinics in Dawlish & Exmouth, alongside my regular practice in Exwick, Exeter.

I’ll still be checking emails & taking calls when I can. If you have a query about whether Shiatsu maybe able to support you then do get in touch.

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