The Shiatsu Shed, Exeter – Devon

I practice Shiatsu in Exeter, Dawlish & Exmouth in Devon. I work in lovely spaces created by other therapists in Dawlish & Exmouth, in Exeter I work from home, in the Shiatsu Shed.

I love the space that we have created in our garden. It’s a sanctuary from busy life, the real wood creates a warmth & coziness. It is the perfect space to rest & relax, to breathe & just be.

As my boys get older I have more space to offer Shiatsu. I know work in Exeter on Monday afternoons & evenings, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday all day & evenings & Fridays. I work in Dawlish every other Friday & once a month in Exmouth.

So come & find some healing & peace, close to Exeter city centre & easy to getto. A little piece of tranquility for an hour.


Shiatsu this May, Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth – Devon

What beautiful weather we have had down here in Devon, this bank holiday. Although it feels quite an adjustment, getting used to this bright sunshine & high temperatures, it has made it much easier to enjoy the last couple of days.

After a very busy few weeks I have enjoyed kicking back, with the kids & my husband. I love it when we drop into our family rhythm, enjoying each others company & following whatever take our interest. For instance we spent a long time looking at a large number of hairy caterpillar hatchlings, all over the hand rails & bins by the beach.

I feel nurtured by the nature that surrounds us in Devon, the sub on my skin, the waves crashing, the light through tree branches.

I am starting to feel renewed & revitalised & ready to give out some healing & nurture. I’m back giving Shiatsu from Tuesday & I’m in Exeter this week. I have spaces on Wednesday & Friday.

I am in Exmouth on Friday 25th – there is only one space left on this day so do get in touch if you would like to book. I’m back in Dawlish on 1st June so not quite this month.

I’m looking forward to getting back into it – I love giving Shiatsu & supporting people with their healing.


Shiatsu Massage, Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth, Devon

It’s really hard to describe Shiatsu. The best way to get an idea is to try & make it to an event I’m giving tasters at. You can find out about these by liking my Facebook page.

Otherwise having a look at photos of me practicing can give some idea. Below are a few but there are lots on the photos of Shiatsu page on this site. Also check out the About Shiatsu page for information.

Healing Shiatsu – Exeter, Dawlish, Exmouth – Devon

April has been a really busy month for me & my family.  I have given lots & lots of Shiatsu, which is great.  There has been lots of catching up with friends & family & time with my husband & kids. We have had visitors, been away & had bugs come home from school.

Along with all this I have been able to get a few treatments for myself.  As a therapist it is quite easy to forget how important it is to get support for yourself. One of my resolutions this year is to get at least a treatment a month & always get a treatment when I do an event.

Having Shiatsu or other therapies also helps with your own practice.  As I peel back the layers of my own healing journey I feel I am better placed to support others with their healing. I have learnt a lot about myself since I started giving Shiatsu & it feels that this last month has shown me some really important lessons.

Wow after the last crazy month I am so looking forward to this bank holiday three day weekend. It’s just me, my husband & our boys, we have very few plans & no obligations. As a family we need some down time & personally I need some rest time.

I know that this rest will put me in the perfect place for giving healing & nurturing treatments when I get back to work on Tuesday. I am very much looking forward to bringing the lessons & understandings, I have experienced recently, to my therapy sessions in the coming weeks.

I am back to work in Exeter this week.  I do have some spaces on Tuesday, Wednesday evening & Friday, if you are interested in using Shiatsu as a space to continue your own healing journey.

Until then have a great bank holiday weekend. I’m off to chill, relax, enjoy nature, rest & refresh.  See you on the other side.

Shiatsu for Stress & Anxiety – in Exeter, Dawlish & Exmouth, Devon

Shiatsu is a very supportive & nurturing form of hands-on therapy so can really help support a client suffering from Stress, Anxiety, Depression or other mental strain.

As Shiatsu is a hands-on therapy it approaches the situation from a different angle to ‘talking therapies.’ Our bodies hold our stresses & strains, whether physical, mental or emotional. Rather than talking through their concerns a client can relax & feel how they feel.  Physically working the body can lead to emotional release & relief, that maybe harder to come by through talking or discussion.

Shiatsu provides a safe & open environment that allows a client to relax & just be.  There are no expectations or demands. The space is held for the client to explore how they feel, to the extent that they feel happy to.

I offer Shiatsu in Exwick, Exeter, where I have a wooden cabin in the garden.  Every other Friday I work in Dawlish at a lovely space called The Studio.  Then once a month I work at The Sol Shop Treatment Rooms in Exmouth. I work most days of the week now although I still look after my youngest son & do the school run.  I have some evening appointments available & I work some Saturdays.

Do have a look at my Facebook page. You may want to like the page to keep up to date with offers & events.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, whatever your plans. Do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page if you would like to discuss if Shiatsu maybe for you.


Natural Face Lift Massage, Exeter, Devon

I have been promoting my Shiatsu practice a lot recently however I also offer Natural Face Lift Massage.  This massage is incredibly relaxing & pampering. It is a face, scalp, shoulder & neck massage that uses Shiatsu points on the face & Indian & Japanese massage techniques.

Natural Face Lift Massage relaxes the whole body, even though it only works the face, neck & shoulders. The Shiatsu points that are used affect the whole body, so issues across the body can be remedied along with the face being smoothed & tightened.

This nurturing treatment also leaves the face more relaxed, the tension that we hold in our jaws & around our eyes can be released.  The loose skin on the face can be tighten & strengthen, the treatment smooths & lifts the skin.

A lot of people hold their tension in their neck & shoulders & this massage can ease & release this tension. This Natural Face Lift Massage gets right into that tension, massaging those knots & stretching the neck & shoulders.

If you would like to know more about this massage or Shiatsu then have a look at the pages on this site.  I offer Shiatsu in Exeter, Dawlish & Exmouth. I offer Natural Face Lift Massage in Exeter.  I have a real wood cabin in my garden, in Exwick, Exeter where  I practice both Natural Face Lift Massage & Shiatsu.  It’s the perfect place to relax & have some me time.

I’m always happy to discuss Natural Face Lift Massage or Shiatsu so do get in touch through the ‘Contact Me’ page.