Shiatsu Natural Face Lift Massage – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

It feels like everyone is getting into the swing of the new year today. I received lots of emails & calls today, I am still slightly in school holiday mode so it’s taken a little adjustment. I’ve had to double check emails I’ve sent & struggled to get my words out on calls! 

I’ve been booking in Shiatsu’s & also Natural Face Lift massages, but I still have spaces. I am still practicing the face massage so only asking for £10 for case studies in January.

I’m asking to take before & after photos when people come as a case study for the face massage. I did plan to show these photos, so people can see the results. I feel it’s a bit unfair on the case studies as, because the treatment is oily, they aren’t the most flattering. However the photos are showing a noticeable difference. A more relaxed look & tighter skin. 

Having had the treatment myself, as part of the training day, I can say that it is surprisingly relaxing & affects the whole body. It is also quite a warming treatment & leaves the body feeling cosy.

I can definitely say that we don’t have money to spare in January, after Christmas & it being such a long month. Also it is such a cold month it is an important to reserve our energy & look after ourselves. So I’m hoping that the face massage is an affordable way to get some ‘me time’ & some support in the coldest time of the year. Good timing to be able to offer a cheap deal.

So I’m hoping that I feel more ‘work-like’ tomorrow & a little more on the ball. Once I get going I’m looking forward to giving lots of warming Shiatsu & face massages this month. 

Here’s to a good January to you all. Xx

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