Shiatsu in November -Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

Lots of exciting stuff coming up next month, Shiatsu massage wise.

There will be my usual clinics in Exeter & Dawlish, on alternative Wednesdays. 

I also have an event coming up – on Sunday November 19th. I’ll be at the East Devon Mind, Body, Spirit Fair in Budleigh Town Hall. I’ll be offering tasters of Shiatsu, on a massage chair, rather than on a futon mat on floor as is usually the case.

Also I have a radio interview lined up! It’s on Bay FM, a local Devon radio station. The scary thing is it’s live, but I’m looking forward to talking Shiatsu massage to the people of beautiful Devon. 

Also in November, & I’m very excited about this, I’m going to be doing a course in natural face lifts – using Shiatsu points plus oils & Indian face massage. I can’t wait & it’s an extra thing to incorporate into my usual Shiatsu sessions but also a great pamper treatment on it’s on.

I love it when I have an exciting month of Shiatsu to look forward to…..can’t wait.

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