Shiatsu massage, Exeter & Dawlish, Devon

I love giving Shiatsu tasters & yesterday I was at an event in lovely Exmouth, offering Shiatsu massage at a health & happiness event.

Some people haven’t heard of Shiatsu, so it’s good to spread the word & promote this form of hands on therapy. 

Also I had the opportunity to treat other practitioners  It’s often hard to arrange support for yourself as a practioner, so these events are a good chance to get some treatment from fellow therapists.

I treated people who had, had Shiatsu before & know the benefits of this type of massage therapy. 

It was a happy event, focused at the whole family, so there were fun events to get involved in & a merry atmosphere. This boost is good for us practitioners, that are generally sole traders & work a lot on our own. It’s helpful to chat to other practitioners & also to visitors to these events, it provides ideas & energy to help move your own practice along.

I am energised & ready for this week’s Shiatsu’s. I’m in Exeter tomorrow & Dawlish on Wednesday. 

If you have a query about Shiatsu do get in touch – through the ‘contact me’ page or call 07791 070837.

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