Shiatsu Holidays – Exeter & Dawlish, Devon 

Well it feels like it has come around fast – next week I am on holiday – no Shiatsu massage for the week. 

I still have some spaces available in August so if you want to book a Shiatsu massage in either Exeter or Dawlish do give me a call or drop me an e-mail. Details are on the ‘contact me’ page.

I will answer phone calls & emails whilst I’m away but may just take a little longer than normal to get back to you. 

I am really ready to have some family time & know I will come back with new vigour. I love Shiatsu & I use it every day, on myself, the kids, family & friends.  I know though that a week off from giving treatments will help me charge up, ready for a busy August & September.

So see you on the other side! Actually I’m sure I’ll keep blogging, when I can, I’ll see you tomorrow then!

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