Busy Shiatsu massage week, here in Exeter

This week is half term & as the main carer I have been looking after the kids most of the time. I didn’t intentionally limit the work that I arrange for this week but it seemed that less people wanted Shiatsu than normal, maybe they were taking time with their children. This suited me, more time with the boys. 

The week hasn’t exactly panned out the way I expected. I have done more Shiatsu massages this week than in ages. I’ve also managed to have happy, quality time with the boys. So win, win I’d say. It has surprised me, & reminded me, that sometimes work comes your way when you aren’t expecting it! Maybe I should plan more work quiet weeks!

Do get in touch if you are interested in finding your if a Shiatsu massage may benefit you. Details are on the contact me page. I work in Exwick, Exeter, on Wednesdays & Saturday mornings. I will soon also offer Tuesday afternoon appointments.

More Shiatsu massage appointments

Along with being a qualified Shiatsu practitioner I am also mum to two young boys. I have always had limited availability for when I can offer Shiatsu appointments as I have been main carer for them. Until now I have worked Wednedsay’s & Saturday mornings. Now, as the boys get older I am hoping to have more & more time to offer Shiatsu massage. 

I am excited to say that I will now be offering Shiatsu on a Tuesday afternoon, alongside my other regular hours. If this time suits then do get in touch to book, details on the contact me page. 

Shiatsu, taking steps & forgetting your fear

Over the years I have had a number of clients come for Shiatsu massage because they want to create some movement in their lives,  but they are unclear how to make it happen. They have shown a sense of fear of failure or of the unknown. Shiatsu massage is a supportive & gentle treatment, it meets the person where they want to be met & gives them a sense of ease. As Shiatsu moves the energy around the body, so ideas & confidence follows. People can begin to make changes, feeling support, & take some steps forward. They  don’t have to be big ones….

Some more Shiatsu massage photos

Here are some more photos of me practicing Shiatsu massage in my practice room in Exwick, Exeter, Devon. If you are jnterested in booking a Shiatsu please contact me through the contact me page. 

Shiatsu sometimes requires a quiet touch.

Shiatsu involves stretches when appropriate.

Shiatsu massage Exeter – living in the moment

It’s often talked about, live in the moment, don’t worry about your past or stress about your future. It is important to try to be present & aware of what is happening in the here & now, making the most of it, finding the joy. Shiatsu massage is amazing at helping a client do this, feeling what their body feels like, how the treatment is affecting them & how they feel. It is a special place to be, a Shiatsu massage treatment is time out of life, a safe place to simply feel or just be.

Obviously there are other ways to be in the moment, be still & enjoy. This is a challenge for me as it is half term, 2 kids, one adult, 5 days! Day one is done, & survived  & enjoyed to be honest. There have been points where it has been hard to enjoy the moment. The classic parental challenge of getting the kids out of the house, in time for the bus into Exeter, without losing your patience, for instance. Also the toy shop, fine for the first 10 minutes, then busy with people, children not sharing & youngest needing the toilet rather urgently! 

Once we had walked to the toilets, found they were closed & were miles from nearest ones, I really struggled to be enjoying the moment. We dropped into an Exeter cafe, I was convinced they would say no to us using the loo. On the contrary the waitress was a mum & completely understood, she showed us the loos & was so kind as we left. Very thankful & happy & back in the moment for a bit.

We went on to the quay side in Exeter & it was easy to enjoy life. The kids ran & laughed, they were happy & carefree & this is so contagious you can’t help being swept along. Also the sun was shining & the air was warm, if not a trifle windy.

The boys were playing in the playground & I took a moment to feel the sun in my face, the wind in my hair & breathed deeply, not thinking , just feeling & being. 

Please contact me through the contact me page to discuss Shiatsu & if it may help you.

Shiatsu massage touch

Shiatsu massage is a very unique & special form of touch. I think this photo gives an idea of the type of touch you receive in a Shiatsu massage treatment.

Shiatsu massage meets the client how & where they want to be met. Every Shiatsu session is different, reacting to how the person is in that moment. The practioner listens & follows what they feel as they give the hands on treatment. It is a nurturing & caring touch, supportive & present in its energy. 

I offer Shiatsu in Exeter, Devon & I work in a quiet & calm practice room in Exwick. You can contact me through the contact me page, to discuss if Shiatsu may be of benefit to you or to book a treatment. You may also want to have a look at my Facebook page or follow me on instagram @shiatsubyamy. If you want more information you could have a look at the Shiatsu society website or have the other pages on this site.

Shiatsu massage & the season’s – Exeter, Devon

Hints of spring were starting to show, & now we have gone right back to mid winter & we have snow!

A cold, dark & serious winter day down here in Devon. Just a flurry of snow in Exeter so we headed up to Dartmoor to find more. The cold really reminded me that we have to be careful at this time of year. It is such a joy when the spring really begins, the temperature rises & things seem to happen with more ease. If we start trying to do too much too soon in the year we are at risk of using up energy that we should be storing. So this afternoon we left the snow & wind outside & we kept warm inside, making pizza & drawing pictures. 

If you are interested in finding out if Shiatsu may be able to help you please contact me through the contact me page.

Stuck in a rut? Try Shiatsu

Feeling stuck in a rut is something most of us feel at least once in our lives. A sense of treading the same path over & over, not moving forwards & not feeling positive. Shiatsu massage can help start moving the energy in the body, with the flow of energy come the fluidity of thought & process, things can begin to ease & shift.

As Shiatsu massage is a hands-on therapy it can bypass the mind & the mental aspect, there is no need for discussion, to assess the situation or think up solutions. The mind can become stilled & calm, the client can focus on the sensations they feel as the Shiatsu massage takes place. 

So without discussion the process of movement & flow can begin, the body holds so much of our emotions & stresses & strains, as they relesse the client may begin to feel a lightness & an easiness in their movements & thoughts. Life seems to be a little easier & change a little more achievable.

There are a set of stretches that are designed to support Shiatsu massage, that people can use at home to help keep the flow of energy. This is a stretch that is great for people who feel stuck in a rut. It is a strong stretch so it’s important to be gentle & listen to your body. 

If you try this & find it helps then maybe you would like to book a Shiatsu massage. My contact details are on the contact me page. 

Stretches to support Shiatsu massage – Exeter, Devon

Here is another stretch that is designed to support the meridians (lines of energy in the body) that Shiatsu massage works with. This stretch is for the meridians that are within the Earth element, within the 5 element diagnosis tool that Shiatsu massage uses. The Earth energy is about nurturing & feeding yourself, both with healthy food & feeding the mind with healthy learning. The Earth energy is about be kind & supportive so when completing the stretch it’s important to listen to your body & only go as far as you feel you are able to. Pushing this stretch may hurt your body and have no positive effect on your Earth energy. A gentle approach is important with this stretch, as is protecting your back, it’s a must to stretch forward after completing this stretch.

If you would like to know more about this stretch or how Shiatsu massagemay help you please do contact me – I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu. Details are on the contact me page.