Sunday night – Shiatsu motivation

I have done a variety of jobs in my life, some I have loved & some I have struggled with. Sunday evenings before a week at work, at one of the jobs I didn’t enjoy so much, was full of discomfort & distress. The pressure that work can put on you can be intense, too much, stress causing & exhausting. It can affect every aspect of life & jade all the time you spend away from work. 

It can be hard to find a way to make changes in your life, often restricted by financial commitments & career options or opportunities. Shiatsu massage does at least give some time out of life, a moment to be not to act, a time to relax & maybe reflect. Shiatsu can also help ease the effects of pressured work, stress, lack of sleep, depression, low confidence. It may even help give clarity or focus to a client, supporting them to start looking at possible changes. Shiatsu can provide a sense of flow & ease, where things begin to just slot into place, rather than having to be pushed & pulled.  

So if you are sitting on this Sunday evening really not looking forward to another week of work maybe you would like to try a session of Shiatsu massage? Contact me through the contact me page. I offer appointments on Wednesday’s & Saturday morning’s & soon will offer Tuesday afternoons as well. I work in a calm & quiet practice room in Exwick, Exeter. I’m always happy to talk Shiatsu so please feel free to send me your questions. 

Here’s to a positive, fulfilling & satisfying week for everyone.

Busy Shiatsu massage week, here in Exeter

This week is half term & as the main carer I have been looking after the kids most of the time. I didn’t intentionally limit the work that I arrange for this week but it seemed that less people wanted Shiatsu than normal, maybe they were taking time with their children. This suited me, more time with the boys. 

The week hasn’t exactly panned out the way I expected. I have done more Shiatsu massages this week than in ages. I’ve also managed to have happy, quality time with the boys. So win, win I’d say. It has surprised me, & reminded me, that sometimes work comes your way when you aren’t expecting it! Maybe I should plan more work quiet weeks!

Do get in touch if you are interested in finding your if a Shiatsu massage may benefit you. Details are on the contact me page. I work in Exwick, Exeter, on Wednesdays & Saturday mornings. I will soon also offer Tuesday afternoon appointments.

More Shiatsu massage appointments

Along with being a qualified Shiatsu practitioner I am also mum to two young boys. I have always had limited availability for when I can offer Shiatsu appointments as I have been main carer for them. Until now I have worked Wednedsay’s & Saturday mornings. Now, as the boys get older I am hoping to have more & more time to offer Shiatsu massage. 

I am excited to say that I will now be offering Shiatsu on a Tuesday afternoon, alongside my other regular hours. If this time suits then do get in touch to book, details on the contact me page. 

Shiatsu, taking steps & forgetting your fear

Over the years I have had a number of clients come for Shiatsu massage because they want to create some movement in their lives,  but they are unclear how to make it happen. They have shown a sense of fear of failure or of the unknown. Shiatsu massage is a supportive & gentle treatment, it meets the person where they want to be met & gives them a sense of ease. As Shiatsu moves the energy around the body, so ideas & confidence follows. People can begin to make changes, feeling support, & take some steps forward. They  don’t have to be big ones….