Shiatsu at work – Exeter, Devon

I know most people won’t be thinking about work but enjoying their Saturday night off. I have done my share of full weekend work & appreciate not everyone has time off over Saturday & Sunday. These guys will be thinking about work & having the stresses & strains that come with working. All working people have difficulties, hurdles & challenges that they face. It can feel relentless & draining, even people who love what they do can become tired & overcome. It’s the life long challenge of finding a balance between work & rest. 

I have taken my massage chair into work spaces in Exeter & given short sessions of Shiatsu. It’s a massage that is given fully clothed so no need to change, it is effected within a short period of time & it is suitable for everyone. Shiatsu can support those with stress issues or physical issues created by work or work positions. It can help with tiredness, lack of drive or motivation. 

The employer just needs to provide a space for the Shiatsu massage to take place & allow the employee’s to take their break to fit when the treatments are taking place. The treatments are 20 minutes long & cost £10. This cost is generally affordable, the employer may consider subsidising or meeting this cost. 

It’s, obviously, important that there enough people are interested in having Shiatsu & that benefits can be seen. So I will happily offer taster sessions for free. I am happy to discuss arrangements & questions – you can find my details on the ‘contact me’ page. 

Below is a photo of me working on my massage chair. I can always focus on the shoulders & neck area, as this is where people often feel tension. The Shiatsu can be tailored to suit the client. 


Exeter Shiatsu fans watch this space!

I am very excited as I have finally arranged something that I have wanted to sort for ages. I have a photographer, a model & the room arranged so that I can get some new Shiatsu photos taken. That means photos of stretches that can really support people at home & also more of me giving Shiatsu massage. If may not sound like a big deal but it’s something I have been trying to arrange for ages. 

If you want to see what Shiatsu massage is like you can have a look at the photos I have up on the photos page on this site. You can also head to the Shiatsu Society to see their description & photos of Shiatsu. I also have other information on my Facebook page so you can check that out. Otherwise hold onto your excitement & watch this site, as soon I’ll post the new photos here! 

Shiatsu massage cancellations

This time of year, dark, cold, damp, always seems to bring more cancellations. All my Shiatsu clients are really good at giving me as much notice as they can but when you’ve built up to the idea of doing some Shiatsu it always feels disappointing. Being self-employed & not having a consistent income is obviously also difficult. 

So if you are in the Exeter area this Saturday – 28th January -& fancy a Shiatsu massage then please feel free to contact me to book in!!! What I’m trying to say is January & February are often good months to contact me to see if I have any appointments – as often I can fit clients in soon after they call, thanks to cancellations. 

Shiatsu view of the world – Colour in the dark 

So yesterday I talked about resting in the dark months of the year, building & storing energy ready for the spring & summer. Its also important to have some exercise, to ensure a good balance in life. Today my toddler & me headed out into the cold & slightly damp air to get some fresh air. We managed a moderate amount of cardio-vascular exercise, too much takes away the energy we should be storing & growing. 

It was pretty dull down here in Devon, dark clouds over Exeter & surroundings. Drizzle was in the air but luckily not too much of a wind. We were careful not to be out to long, stayed well wrapped up & listened to our bodies when we had done enough. We headed home to the warmth & snuggled with books to recoup any energies used.

Today was however pretty dark & dreary so we took the challenge to find colour in the dullness. Please excuse the poor photography (completely my fault) This is what we found….

Beautiful purple stems on this bare shrub

A couple of stray rosehips still about

Vibrant gorse 

We also saw a couple of signs that spring is not quite so far away 


Sheep just been visited by a ram – pregnant maybe?!?!?

It cheered our spirits spotting small amounts of colour under the grey clouds & reminded me to make the most of small things. I also appreciated the reminder that taking a few deep breaths of fresh air can re-energize the body. I did a few stretches that support the lung & large intestine meridians & felt a good flow of energy fill my body. I feel lucky that I studied Shiatsu & 5 element diagnosis, it helps me keep perspective at times & helps me keep my health balanced. 

If any of this resonates with you & you would like to know more about Shiatsu please head to the ‘contact me’ page. I am always happy to talk Shiatsu.

Blue Monday blues? 

I don’t really understand how they decide that today is the most miserable day of the year but I definitely understand thd idea of January blues. Having spent a lot of money on Christmas then having the exciting high of the festive period & new year it can feel hard to get back into the routine if work,school, daily life. January is a long month & the pay-day also comes along a good while after the December one.

We’ve been relatively lucky with the weather this month, so far, no sign of the blizzard & snow-drifts we were told were coming, well at least here in Exeter, Devon. The morning’s are dark & generally cold & there is no evening thanks to the long nights. Sorry not sure I’m cheering anyone up here! We all feel it at this time of year. 

What are January’s for? Moping & feeling low? 5 element theory, the form of diagnosis that Shiatsu uses says that we should rest & regroup & strengthen our roots in the deepest winter. We should be still & rest, just be. Not be looking forward or planning or pushing to get things done. If we rest & wait now our bodies will strenghten & be ready to start planning in the Spring & bringing projects to fruition in the summer. We have plenty of time to socialise, go out, exercise, work-hard & inevitably spend money later in the year. 

Rather than feeling sorry & low we can take this opportunity to listen to our tired & pushed bodies & rest & be quiet. As much as our busy lives push us on if it’s possible to find at least moments of still now in January we should feel more energy later as the days get longer. Just a thought!

Shiatsu can help us reconnect with what our body needs, in each season. Shiatsu can also help to recharge ourselves & our bodies. If you would like to find out if Shiatsu could help support you please get in touch. Details on the ‘contact me’ page. I practise in Exwick, Exeter, Devon & if you are feeling the blues or aches & pains (so common in the cold weather) you may want to arrange a Shiatsu massage.

Free Shiatsu massage taster sessions

I think Shiatsu massage is an unique & flexible hands-on therapy, obviously, I spent 3 years training to qualify! However I know that quite a few people haven’t heard of it & don’t know what is involved. I wish this was different & that more people understood how many benefits Shiatsu massage can have. I love promoting Shiatsu & trying to get the message out there.

Shiatsu is not as well know as some other alternative therapies, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Osteopathy. It is a relative new-comer to the therapy party, having originated in Japan as many different forms of massage it became a recognised form of massage through practitioners developing it in the western world. There are a number of Osteopathy & Acupuncture clinics in Exeter, Devon but not one Shiatsu clinic. There are a handful of us practising Shiatsu in Exeter & although it is beginning to become known-of it is still a challenge to promote Shiatsu & it’s benefits. 

Over each year I do a number of events promoting Shiatsu massage. Sometimes this is with other Shiatsu practitioners & sometimes alone. The aim is to do events that are free or very cheap so that everyone or most people can afford to have a taster session, & hopefully get the buzz that Shiatsu can produce. I have a few events lined up this year but I am always looking for further opportunities. Shiatsu can be given pretty much anywhere, festivals & fairs of course but also in workplaces, cafes, shops, libraries & at pamper evenings & parties. 

If you have an idea of an event that Shiatsu would be good at then please do get in touch. Events that I attend are generally in the Exeter area but I’m also happy to go further afield. Contact details can be found on the ‘contact me’ page. 

Thanks for reading & happy Shiatsu buzz to all.

Shiatsu to support resolution

We are now well into January, it already feels a long time ago when we were looking forward to the new year & the opportunity for new starts. Resolutions are important, & making changes to feel more positive. Motivation & drive help us achieve the goals we set, some people are able to self-motivate & find the drive they need, most of us need some support. 

When we experience life, emotions, mental stresses & strains, work, family & relationships it is also held physically in our bodies. People often mention that they hold their tension in their shoulders or neck, but it can also be in other areas & more integral to the body. The energy in the body becomes inflexible & stagnant, it doesn’t flow or move well around the body. As much as our experiences are absorbed into our bodies so our bodies affects our thoughts, emotions, motivation & drive. The energy doesn’t flow, so thoughts & emotions are tight or inflexible too. 

Having resolutions is very important, it can get to a point where it seems harder than it should be to push through & drive for goals. Then maybe it’s time to get some outside support. Shiatsu massage can bypass the ‘head’ stuff, the over thinking, it focuses on what is happening in the body, right then. Getting the energy to flow & move in the body allows the mind & attitude to follow. Things then seem to just flow, become easier, with more ability to be adaptable & flexible. This really supports self-motivaton & drive & can help resolutions become nature & daily habit. 

If you are feeling a little stuck & that you may benefit from some support you may want to try a Shiatsu massage. I practise in Exwick, Exeter, Devon in a quiet, calm space. You can contact me on the ‘contact me’ page. 

Shiatsu massage – Exeter, Devon

My Shiatsu massage treatment sessions are filling up for this month. I have available sessions on Wednesday 25th January & Saturday 28th January. You can book a Shiatsu taster session this month for £20 (usual cost £30/£35.)

I blog as much as possible on this site but I also have lots of pages on here, with information about Shiatsu & my background. There is also a page with photos so you can get an idea of what a Shiatsu treatment is like. You may also like to have a look at Shiatsu society website, for further information.

There is also my Facebook page to have a look at. You may also be on Twitter & in which case you may want to follow me @AmyHinks. Any questions please contact me – details on the ‘contact me’ page.  Many thanks for your time reading this! 

Shiatsu massage as a client

So I haven’t had a Shiatsu massage myself for quite a while & after a hectic Christmas I decided to book one. I managed to get time away from my children, enough to have a cup of coffee beforehand & a couple of hours after to rest. I was absolutely on time, punctuality is always helpful to a practitioner, & I wanted to get as much hands-on time as possible. 

I had a brief discussion with the Shiatsu practitioner about why I was there & what I hoped for from the session. This was interesting, being on the client side of the discussion, I realised that up-most on my mind was the wish to be lying down & having the Shiatsu. Note to self: get clients onto the mat as quickly as possible, they are there for the massage!

I was determined to make the most of the massage, not to be second guessing what my lovely colleague was going to do & critiquing her work. However I enjoyed feeling what was absolutely brilliant & the moments (not many) that were a little less fluid or a little shaky. I chose to say once that I felt the work was a little strong, & I chose to trust the practitioner a couple of other times. 

I was giving Shiatsu’s later in the same day & I was able to ask my clients at certain points if the work was too strong or too soft. I asked them to be more communicative within the treatments, ensuring they still got the same level of relaxation. I worked hard on seeing the treatment from their point of view, how much movement did I make, how much did I move them, how much quiet work opposed to strong or fast work was there. I hope that the clients felt very well supported & listened to, that there needs were met. 

Having Shiatsu massage myself helped me give better Shiatsu massage to others. I need to have more Shiatsu! I think I can manage that. 

Still time to get a Shiatsu bargain 

I’m offering Shiatsu massage taster sessions for just £20 – but for just this month only. Sessions are filling up but I do still have some treatments available before the end of January.

If you’ve not tried Shiatsu before this might be the ieeal opportunity. Maybe you would like to see how it differs from other massages or other alternative therapies; acupressure, reflexology, reiki.

Or if you suffer with aches & pains, back issues, hip & knee issues, fatigue, stress or you are going through a difficult time at the mkment then you may want to see if a Shiatsu massage can help.

The sessions are roughly 30 minutes long & they will have has much hands-on in the time as possible. In a short period of time a Shiatsu massage can really help. 

I practise in Exwick, Exeter, Devon & have been qualified for over 6 years, following completing the 3 year diploma course. I will hapoily answer any questions you have so please contact me – details on the ‘contact me’ page.